September 28, 2017

NEW FEATURE: Calculate Opening elevation from Level Above

Say you have an opening on a wall in your Revit® project. Have you ever needed to measure the distance from the floor above down to the top, center, or bottom of the opening and write that data as a parameter to the opening family? We got a special request from the German market to make a new calculation method in our Cut Opening tool that could do just that. Here’s what we came up with: Level Above!

The “Level Above” elevation calculation feature can be found here in our Cut Opening Software:

When you apply it in a project, it looks like this:

So, “Level Above” lets you see the host’s elevation by calculating the distance from the TOP CONSTRAINT of the wall to the TOP, BOTTOM, or CENTER of the opening and write that data as a parameter to the opening family. Afterward, those elements can be scheduled and tagged. Try this enhancement out, and see how it works in a project of your own!

A shout-out to our German Partner Contelos for forwarding this client request to us! That’s the best way our software continues to improve: when BIM experts on the ground tell us what would make their work more efficient.

Not familiar with our Cut Opening software?

You can download a free trial today through our TOOLS4BIM Dock, and try out this new feature for yourself!

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