December 27, 2013

New BIM Tree Manager Version Has Been Released!

Our team has finished this year with an update of BIM Tree Manager that is maybe one of the most powerful BIM solutions for Autodesk Revit users. The update of BIM Tree Manager was released last week before the festive season.

BIM Tree Manager enables incredibly speedy building design, intuitive facility management and BIM data analysis in the Revit projects. It allows each Revit user to navigate, find or modify any element and element parameters with ease. This software works faster now and it is supplemented with new useful features.

BIM Tree Manager v2014.3 and v2013.4 – what’s new:

  • Loading process of BIM Tree Manager is now much faster;
  • The right click function Calculate Value is improved. Now Revit user can calculate values using different formulas with functions such as SIN, COS, ABS, ROUND, IF( ) etc. formulas can be created using Family parameters not just shared as it is in regular Revit schedules:

BIM Tree updates 2014.3-1

Updated BIM Tree Manager remembers formulas and the values can be automatically recalculated with “Update Parameters by Formulas”:

BIM Tree updates 2014.3-2

Formulas can be used in user’s created shared parameters and later displayed in tags:

BIM Tree updates 2014.3-3

Formulas can be used in any structural, MEP or architectural category.

  • New right click function Create New Shared Parameter enables to create new shared parameter directly in BIM Tree dialog.

The newest version of our BIM Solution BIM Tree Manager is made more effective; new features allow users to work more conveniently while providing them with better flexibility. If you want to try the newest BIM Tree Manager version, please contact us by email