September 18, 2013

How to Account Thickness of Roof Sheathing in Revit Project?

Do you know that each Revit user who uses Revit for wooden roof framing can account thickness of roof sheathing very quickly? Our BIM solution Truss+ has this setting and allows you to account thickness of roof sheeting without any effort. There are options for sheeting thickness and cutting bottom chord in truss system grid configuration:

Truss+ 1

View from the section of Revit roof wood framing project:

Truss+ 2

Using Truss+ you will find that roof framing in Revit can be not a time-consuming process. This BIM software provides lots of powerful functions for wooden roof framing. Large functionality of Truss+ allows designers to quickly create/edit new types of parametric wooden trusses and helps to frame roof hips, gables, barn ends, L returns and valley sets with ease.

Our goal is to develop tools that help Revit users work more efficiently. So you are welcome to try Truss+ possibilities and let us know your opinion about this BIM solution. Give us your feedback! Send us comments, suggestions, or any kind of experience you may have had with Truss+ or our other tools.