Webinar | How Agacad Wood Framing improves structural modeling, drafting and data management in Revit®
September 28, 2023 09:00 am 04:00 pm Timezone:  UTC
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About the webinar

Explore Agacad Wood Framing software for Autodesk® Revit® in our webinar on September 28th. All about streamlining timber frame design, data management, and documentation.


Ideal for architects, structural engineers, manufacturers, and BIM coordinators using or considering Revit for wood framing projects.

If you do framing design in Revit, chances are you're familiar with tasks like these:

• distributing structural framing components
• dealing with modifications
• managing mark values, quantities, schedules and other BIM data
• creating drawings with tags, dimensions, schedules, etc.
Having to do all those tasks manually means higher costs, lost time, and more stress. To one degree or another.

We'd like to help improve and accelerate your design processes. So you can raise your ROI, save time, improve sustainability and decrease your job-related stress.

Discover how Agacad Wood Framing accelerates timber-framed building creation while reducing modeling, drafting, and BIM data errors.

Modestas Vievesis

BIM Application Engineer


Quickly creating main structural frame and all additional layers within walls
Splitting parts in seconds to create sheathing or paneling layers for walls
Dealing with framing modifications easily
Quickly numbering framing elements and parts
Quickly creating an assembly with drawings of a selected wall
Multi-framing for fast framing in identical walls of wall groups

For manufacturers, structural engineers, BIM coordinators and architects who face constant pressure to deliver accurate timber frame models, schedules and drawings on time, Agacad provides Wood Framing software that helps quickly and accurately create, update and manage timber frame 3D models, 2D drafting and BIM documentation by automating Revit tasks.


Increased productivity and minimized mistakes during the building design phase can reduce stress, save money and time, and minimize construction waste.

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