June 13, 2013

FAQ: Is Revit Extension Insert Elements Included in the BIM Tree Manager software?

BIM Tree Manager FeaturesInsert Elements is a powerful Autodesk® Revit® Architecture/Structure/MEP extension that helps to quickly insert architectural, structural, mechanical elements (Furniture, Lighting Fixtures, Mechanical Equipment, Structural Connections, Areas etc.) into predefined positions. Insertion is performed using built-in and fully customizable rules that are logically related with other objects.

Insert Elements is the separate Revit® extension, but there is our other product that has a comparable feature.

Question that has reached us: “Is Insert Elements extension within the add-on as well as the BIM Tree Manager function?”

Answer: Well, not exactly. The BIM Tree Manager software includes the main and most powerful function for inserting elements in diffident ways – Insert Elements in accordance with the Related Objects:

This powerful function allows placing elements at specific project locations easily and quickly. It instantly inserts into the project hundreds of building objects by predefined rules, for example:

BIM Tree Insert Elements feature-example

  • inserts lighting switches at the right side of the door in every living room on few floors at a predefined height from the floor and a distance from door opening;
  • inserts radiators under the windows in any filtered rooms at predefined elevations;
  • inserts the lighting fixtures to all kitchens of the apartment house project, etc.

The Revit® extension Insert Element has the same feature:

Insert Elements Features

It also has some other useful functions different from BIM Tree Manager. These functions are not included in BIM Tree Manager. For example, Insert Elements includes the feature Project Family Browser that allows you to see all available family elements from the opened projects, and drag-and-drop functionality allows placing family elements into your design easily.

Insert Elements is a specialized tool for insertion of elements with ease. All features of this extension highly increase design productivity and working speed as well as BIM Tree Manager that has more possibilities to manage BIM data.