Expressive Log Wall of a House: How to Quickly Split Logs in One Wall in Revit® Model?

What should Autodesk® Revit® user do, if he needs to quickly split logs into segments, which are overlapping? It can be done with the newest version of BIM solution Wood Framing Wall+, which has improved Split Bridging/Nogging feature.

In this blog post, I will describe a workflow which will help you to easily and quickly create realistic wall of a log house.

Firstly, using Add Additional Stud function, add invisible vertical stud that will split logs:

Select any wall element:

Choose M_WF Invisible Element type for the additional vertical stud and lock distance to start of a wall. A few vertical studs can be inserted at a defined distance (Spacing and Number):

Load invisible element from here:

Result – invisible line, which will serve as a log start and end:

Now select Split Bridging/Nogging function:

Select a few logs, in this case every other. When you are finished selecting logs, press ESC and select the invisible vertical stud. Then Split Bridging/Nogging function will split selected logs. The same steps should be followed with logs from the other side of the invisible vertical stud: select every second log, then invisible stud.


The convenient thing about the introduction of invisible element in wall splitting is that it is easy to adjust its location later on:

By adjusting location dimensions of the invisible vertical stud and clicking Update Frame, user will update all log splits according to the new vertical stud location.

I guess I will finish my log splitting lesson now. Feel free to share your experience framing log houses using BIM solution Wood Framing Wall+. Any insights and request that might help improve this Revit add-on are also welcomed.

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