Webinar Wrap-up: CLT Panels for Walls, Floors & Roofs in Revit (Sneakpeek)

Cross Laminated Timber is gaining popularity and recognition: Modular construction, its design flexibility, thermal insulation properties, strength, versatility… those are just a brief example of the potential that CLT offers. The numerous uses of panels in walls, floors, and roofs certainly make CLT an excellent choice for the future.

In this Sneakpeek, see what’s possible using AGACAD’S Wood Framing CLT software and sample families.

Want to see more? Watch our 23-min webinar: CLT Panels for Walls, Floors & Roofs in Revit (While there, please subscribe to our YouTube channel!)

See how to:

  • Set up detailed configuration for Walls, Floors and Roof CLT panel creation
  • Use smart and complex connections for the assembling of panels and details management
  • Split parts for insulation
  • Create floors with connection Joists
  • Total control of modification and division of panels
  • Save time with identical procedures that have to be repeated
  • You have the option of framing additional layers and create structures like ventilated facades

AGACAD’s BIM tool used:

Wood Framing Clt product

Compatible with Autodesk® Revit® 2017, 2018, 2019

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