May 31, 2016

Clash Detection Between Revit and IFC Elements within Revit Software

This time we would like to draw your attention to one more tip on how to work smarter with Autodesk® Revit® without using any Revit add-ins.

I encountered some difficulties while running Interference Check between Revit elements and linked IFC file within Revit file. I had to export *.xml file straight from Revit to use tools which can create openings where IFC Ducts and IFC Pipes clash with walls, floors, etc. The problem was that I couldn‘t find element categories in linked IFC file from Revit‘s Interference check list.

Finally, I found a way to run this. I will describe the method I have used:

  1. Open IFC file using simple Open command in Revit. R->Open->IFC

2. Save Revit project with opened IFC elements

3. Open your current file that was created with Revit (for example Architectural part of the project)

4. Link Revit file with opened IFC elements. Do not Link IFC because you won‘t be able to run Interference Check

5. Run Interference Check

6. On one side of the dialog choose Categories from Current Project and on the other side choose Categories from Revit file with IFC elements

7. Click OK

8. Now you have clashes between regular Revit elements and IFC elements straight in Revit

I hope this will be a good shortcut to get some things done.