September 16, 2016

Baltic Engineers UAB: “AGACAD helped shift quickly from 2D to BIM and feel the benefits right away.”

This engineering company turned to AGACAD for training and advice during its strategic transition from 2D to BIM several years ago. That gave rise to ongoing BIM project consulting and software development work, in a relationship that exemplifies AGACAD’s slogan of “Building BIM Together”. Baltic Engineers, now a leader in its home market, is also successfully growing internationally.

Client Profile

Baltic Engineers UAB founded in 2001. Active mainly in Lithuania and Scandinavia, where it works with Denmark-based Ramboll and Finland’s Poyry.

Provides territorial planning, design, project management and engineering consultancy services. Among the first Lithuanian companies to implement BIM.

Has completed more than 200 projects over past 5 years in the building, industrial, infrastructure and environment sectors.

Business Need

In making the strategic move to BIM several years ago, Baltic Engineers needed help optimizing its new Autodesk® Revit® platform, training staff to leverage the system’s full potential, and developing effective new processes.

The firm also needed ongoing expert BIM advice, some advanced functionality for Revit®, and a way to stay up-to-date regarding the latest technological advances.

In short, Baltic Engineers needed an expert BIM partner and advisor. And they selected AGACAD for its unique competencies and flexible approach.


Initially AGACAD arranged intensive Revit® trainings for the company’s personnel, both on site and remotely, and also advised Baltic Engineers on how to optimize its BIM platform, use tools to full effect, and implement international best practices. The companies’ teams worked together closely.

“AGACAD was our guide in the transition to BIM and a source of additional know-how,” says Vygantas Žekas, BIM Manager at Baltic Engineers. “They became a partner, almost a direct participant, in our pilot project, helping us identify and implement the best solutions.”

Since then collaboration has been constant, as Baltic Engineers continues on the road to digital information management in all its business processes. The goal is to use its BIM know-how and tools not only for design services, but also for construction and in the facility management stage.

The company regularly seeks AGACAD’s advice on more complex project-specific matters, and also makes requests for innovative new Revit® functionality.

“AGACAD created BIM tools to meet their clients’ needs, so we tell them what we need and count on them to eventually produce it,” Žekas notes.


Today Baltic Engineers is a leading Lithuanian design firm which is also known and highly regarded in Scandinavia as a reliable partner for modern engineering design and BIM project management. The company says its relationship with AGACAD has provided valuable competitive advantage.

“They helped us get up to speed fast and feel the benefits of BIM right away, from the very first year. And they continue helping us do more in less time, with higher quality, in terms of design services and engineering calculations and giving clients better information,” Žekas says.

This client relationship has exemplified “Building BIM Together” – the motto at the heart of everything AGACAD does. The focus is on accelerating Building Information Modeling for everyone in the AEC industry based on the insights and experience of the most advanced BIM practitioners.

“By telling AGACAD our needs, we’re contributing to the development of new BIM solutions and approaches. Collaboration between those who know the market and those who know BIM software inside out gives both parties a chance to grow and benefits everyone,” explains Žekas.

For its part, AGACAD recommends Baltic Engineers UAB as experts in BIM project preparation and management. These are engineering professionals you can count on for quality. To discuss work on complex projects, write to Baltic Engineers at or call 370 5 2334112.

For more information, contact us at or +370 618 55 671.