AGACAD to exhibit with AEC at Forum Wood Building Nordic 2018

This September we’ll be exhibiting with our Sweden-based partner AEC at Forum Wood Framing Nordic. Hosted by Linnaeus University, the conference will take place in Växjö, Sweden on September 26–27. The line-up of exhibitors in recent years has propelled this forum to a prominent position as a must-attend-conference for wood construction academics and practitioners in the Nordics. We’re proud to be a part of it this year with AEC. If you’ll be there, come visit us at Booth 28!

Forum Wood Building Nordic has become one of the most important meeting points in the Nordics where experts in the timber industry can network, see what’s up-and-coming from cutting-edge firms, exchange ideas, and attend world-class lectures given by international speakers.

The focus this year will be on the financial and social factors driving the wood building industry. Among topics that attendees can expect to be in the spotlight are:

  • How wood can contribute to reducing the housing shortage;
  • Life cycle analysis for climate-smart sustainable building;
  • The priority the Paris Agreement places on wood building;
  • Product and production platforms for more efficient processes;
  • New players in the multi-family housing market.

We’re looking forward to participating and hope to see you there! Booth 28 with AEC is where we’ll be!

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