AGA CAD Y2013 ACTIVITY REVIEW: Tools for Revit Are Becoming More and More Popular

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February 25, 2014

t4r_logo_80x80Our company is glad to announce that last year we acquired more than 4,500 new customers of T4R© (Tools 4 Revit) extensions and AGA CAD BIM Solutions. Compared to the 2012’s year activities, the number of AGA CAD product users has increased by 25%, and total amount of AGA CAD product commercial licenses already exceeds 8,500. As it can be seen from the market trends, Autodesk® Revit® extensions are becoming more and more popular, so we expect that sales of AGA CAD products will grow for the third this year.

Our team seeks to create products which increase the designers’ work rate and quality, therefore designers from different countries like them. Increased quantity of sales confirms that our products meet expectations of Revit users. Next year we expect even more sales as we are finalizing to implement the system Show How, helping to quickly and easily learn how to use the software.

We are happy that the year 2013 was a successful and employable for the company AGA CAD. Our team participated in events EUBIM 2013 (Europe), RTC NA 2013 (Canada) that aroused great interest of Revit users. Also we have been increased our product portfolio. In the beginning of 2013 the AGA CAD product group was composed of 22 Revit extensions, but we ended the year with already 27 applications for Revit. This year we plan to release at least 2 products considering the existing and potential customer needs. For example, our BIM Solution Smart Assemblies is already on the way.

Another accomplishment of AGA CAD last year activities – is expanded resellers‘ network. Our new resellers operate in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hong Kong, and Singapore. With the existing network of business partners in the Netherlands, the USA, Australia, Scandinavia, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Latvia, Estonia we have quite a wide representation area of our products.

Advanced geography of sales and dealers‘ network allowed to increase sales of our tools for Revit. As it was mentioned, amount of AGA CAD customers grew by more than 4.5 thousand in 2013. Compared with 2012, the growth of sales of BIM solutions increased more than twice.

As it can be seen from the market trends, our Autodesk Revit add-ons are becoming more and more popular. Throughout this year AGA CAD team will continue to improve existing products and develop new BIM tools that enhance design productivity for Autodesk Revit users. We are looking forward to a super year with all of you.

Thank you for your support,

From everyone in the T4R© (Tools 4 Revit) | AGA CAD Team

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