Smart Floors Overview

Versatile Floor Panel Creator and Updater

Smart Floors is a great tool that creates floors in selected rooms and creates hollow core slabs in your model according to surrounding elements. Just click to divide panels, update and easily add or modify offsets, positions and holes.

Both standalone and network license types are available. User can easily migrate from standalone license type to network if NLM Annual Service was ordered.

Smart Floors very accurately and easily creates pre-stressed concrete floor systems. This Revit add-on modifies offsets, position of floor panels and inserts holes into floor systems, and it also permits core floor with finish layers.

Ideal for:

Structural Engineers

Smart Floors lets user create smart group of
floors to model hollow core slabs, track project changes, and update them


Smart Floors, beside the ability to create
hollow core slabs, it can also insert floors by selected rooms to quickly
insert different floor layers in different areas. This helps a lot when modeling
floor finish.

Powerful features:


inserts floors and openings by defined boundaries: walls, beams, reference
planes, and grids.

Automatically finds floor boundaries
defined by walls and openings.


Edit, modify, update settings of selected floor group easily, and follow
up project changes.



  • Speed Up. No more manual creation of floor panels using Revit, because Smart Floors allows you to automatically and quickly create intelligent floor panel systems according to the walls, beams, grids, or reference planes throughout the building.
  • Smart Modeling. Offsets and other settings of floor groups are saved within the floor so you can modify and update them anytime. You can easily split selected floor panels with just one click.
  • Easy to Use. A small set of powerful commands allows you to easily create and edit floor panels. You can update holes library according to the country‘s/manufacturer‘s specific shapes.

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