BIM Project Dimensioning Accelerator

Quick Dimensions automatically adds dimensions to your selected elements (including those in elevations and sections), creates multiple dimension chains at one go, and joins isolated dimensions into a chain.

  • Automatically add dimensions to selected architectural, structural or mechanical elements.
  • Create multiple dimension chains in one click.
  • Join separate dimensions into a dimension chain.

      Compatible with Autodesk® Revit® 2023, 2022, 2021

Quick Dimensions is a powerful Revit extension for quickly placing dimensions and dimension chains in Revit® projects according to your predefined configurations. Once set, configurations can be saved and used in future projects, saving hours of future dimensioning work. The tool automatically adds dimension chains to defined elements while maintaining fixed offsets.

Ideal for

New Revit users Finalize projects by efficiently adding dimensions on all required objects. The plug-in has architectural, structural, and mechanical element categories.

Architects, Structural Engineers & MEP Engineers Make and receive more precise bids.

Contractors Make and receive more precise bids.

Owners Keep models up-to-date with the situation on the ground.

Operators Get bigger returns from BIM assets (for logistics, energy, rework reduction, marketing, maintenance, etc.) as models are reliably accurate, up-to-date, and complete.

Powerful features

  • Automatically adds dimensions to selected architectural, structural, or mechanical elements.
  • Use this auto-dimensioning tool in elevations and sections.
  • Creates multiple dimension chains in just a couple of clicks.
  • Joins separate dimensions into a dimension chain.
  • Places dimensions with a fixed offset from elements and a fixed distance between dimension chains.

Both standalone and network license types of software licenses are available.



  • Speed. Save time, especially if you use Revit on a daily basis. This extension places dimensions way faster than plain Revit can!
  • Easy to use interface. Adjust configurations so that dimensions are added automatically to selected elements the way you want.
  • Save settings for future projects. Ensure consistent dimensions that meet company standards. And save even more time going forward!


Owner of All Extension Design Service, Australia

"Of the one which I am now using daily:

Sort & Cope is sensational. The tool allows you to adjust the coping on beam to beam or beam to column attachments very easily indeed. For me it’s a great tool. Dynamic Legends - this was one of the tools I was really keen on. I now provide graphical schedules for pretty much anything I schedule - love this tool. Quick Dimensions - quite good at speeding up the dimensioning of face of walls - opening - grids etc. Rafter+ - this was another tool that I was really interested in. Which’s pretty much perfect for my needs. Quite quick to frame a whole roof, has a couple of issues with rafters on one side of a ridge not aligning to the opposite rafter, making the collar ties a little bit more work to do - very good indeed. Truss+ - pretty much the same comment for Rafter+.

All in all, I am happy with the tools. They seem to be robust and haven't caused any problems in Revit itself that I am aware of."

Architect / BIM Manager at A Tasarım Mimarlık / A Architectural Design, Turkey

"Sort Mark it’s a real life-saving tool. We were working on a high-rise building, which has 7 basement floors, one podium and two towers, and we were supposed to renumber rooms and then doors according to given revised marking numbers of rooms. There were 3500 of doors and we revised all room and door numbers in 5 seconds.
We also use Sort Mark tool to renumber car parking. It is a very time-saving tool."

"We are working on a multi-purpose building which has shopping mall, residential units, offices, storages,… and we need to differentiate every floor material according to Room’s function. We revised all different floors in the project according to room’s purpose in 5 seconds by using Smart Floors and updated all of them with one single click."

"Annotating dimensions is very important process in the project and it is the last item that we need to do on our check list. Even though it is a simple job, it takes a long time. Quick Dimensions is very helpful tool and saves time. You can easily annotate dimensions with one click. Only disadvantage of this tool, you cannot annotate dimensions for components that come from the linked model."

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