Smart Browser for Managers Overview

Synchronous Revit® Project & Family Management

Smart Browser adds or changes BIM object parameters and values based on rules, eliminating error-prone manual work to update Revit® families. Adapt in real time to new LOD specifications, object standards, and record-model needs, keeping project and library families in sync across your whole BIM team. It enables simple, ongoing quality checks to facilitate project integration, improve analysis, and ensure the right physical results. With Smart Browser, it’s amazingly simple to find and isolate elements in current or linked models, verify geometry and data at any LOD, and quickly fill in gaps or fix mistakes.

Smart Browser is aimed at BIM Managers who manage a company’s Revit projects and families.

Ideal for:
BIM ManagersAll actions of possible parameter changes are shown in a single Modify dialog. New, deleted, or renamed parameters are shown in various colors.

All modifications happen in real time allowing you to avoid mistakes and to easily control all processes of Project & Family parameter changes.

Users can select hundreds or thousands of Revit families and add tasks in one convenient dialog.

A dynamic automated-tree interface makes it amazingly simple to:

  • find elements in your library or in current or linked Revit® models,
  • verify geometry and data at any Level of Development,
  • quickly fill in gaps or fix mistakes. All in real time.

You can make rules-based additions and changes to BIM object parameters and values. So there’s no more need to update Revit® families one by one!

Project and external library families stay in-sync across your BIM team. Families are always up-to-date since they instantly adapt to new LOD specifications, object standards, and so on. Plus, you can identify any differences between the families in your project and those in a library.

To manage parameters inside a Revit project, use:To manage parameters outside a Revit project, use:

Browse information from different angles

Control parameters inside Revit projects:
Control parameters in Revit content libraries:

Group and quantify Revit objects

Store a library anywhere

Filter Revit project families by different rules

Browse libraries

Prepare a project browser

Search for a Revit Family

Work with multi-category elements

Load families

Roombook for multi-category elements

Drag-n-drop families

Instant selection of Revit elements through a table

Review families without opening them

Project quality control

Group families for batch changes

Export to an external source

Filter families for batch changes

Batch parameter management

Project prameter quality control

Family parameter quality control

Change Value

Change Value

Copy Value

Copy Value

Copy value from Host

Rename Family

Copy value from Room

Delete Family

Copy value from Space

Change Category

Copy Host Mark

Add subcategory

Rename Type by rule

Add type

Change Type

Rename Type

Replace element and map parameters

Rename Type by rule

Replace nested elements

Delete Type

Calculate orientation

Add Shared Parameter

Calculate Elevation

Add Family parameter

Calculate Coordinates

Add selected parameter

Calculate area

Rename parameter

Calculate values (write formulas)

Modify parameter

Sort and Mark elements

Replace with family parameter

Create a real Revit schedule

Remove parameter

Create new Shared Parameter

Add formulas

If you need to share Revit content with your BIM team, we suggest using Smart Browser Manage in tandem with Smart Browser for Teams, which is able to search for, review, and insert families quickly and easily:



  • 50% or more time saved. Smart Browser Manage reduces the amount of time spent searching through your families by 50% or more, which allows you create more projects and earn more money in less time.
  • Incredible performance increase working with Revit families. For example, if the user adds three new shared parameters to 1 family with Revit, he spends ~ 1min 40sec. User can spend the same amount of time adding three new shared parameters to 24 families using Smart Browser Manage.
  • BIM Data Analysis. Possibility to access all data properties of families and put it into the tables in your design.
  • Easy Control Process. All actions of possible parameter changes are showed in the single Modify Families Dialog window. New, deleted or renamed parameters are showed in various colors.
  • Error Prevention. All modifications happen in real time allowing you to avoid mistakes and to easily control all process of family parameter changes.
  • Up-to-date. Smart Browser Manage always keeps your families in the projects up-to-date
  • Incredible Speed working with Revit elements. BIM Tree Manager enables you to instantly insert hundreds of elements into your Revit model; you can quickly renumber/sort Revit® elements any way you want.

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