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Prepare elements before working with Smart Assemblies (4:38 min.)

This video explains how to start the project from the beginning and how to prepare your hosted elements according to mandatory requirements.

  • Step 1: Draw Structural Walls
  • Step 2: Add Doors, Windows or other Openings
  • Step 3: Disallow Joins
  • Step 4: Add Area Rebar
  • Step 5: Add Structural Metal Connections
Create the Assembly and manage dimensioning rules (6:05 min.)

Steps to create first assembly and modify view templates with dimensioning rules are presented in this video.

  • Step 1: Add Mark values for every main element (Wall, Floor, Column, Beam, Foundation)
  • Step 2: Create Assembly
  • Step 3: Adjust View Templates
  • Step 4: Update Assembly with modified view templates
  • Step 5: Edit Dimensioning Rules
  • Step 6: Update the Assembly with modified dimensioning rules
Preparing shop drawing sheet template (3:48 min.)

Assembly Sheets are automatically generated by predefined user template. User can point where exactly every assembly view or schedule has to be placed.

  • Step 1: Make your own schedule template
  • Step 2: Define this schedule as a template
  • Step 3: Update Assembly with modified schedule
  • Step 4: Add Assembly views to the sheet
  • Step 5: Select this sheet as a template
  • Step 6: Create new Assemblies
What happens if you make any changes in your Revit model? (0:56 min.)

If there are any changes with existing assembly, you just need to update it with “Update Assemblies”. Smart Assemblies will update all views, schedules and sheets.

  • Step 1: Edit Assembly
  • Step 2: Update Assembly

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