Learn & Explore Metal Framing Truss+

Metal Framing Truss+ step by step video tutorial


Basic Rules – How to Model Roof in a Proper Way? (2:00 min.)

Basic rules how to model roof in a proper way, so you
can start your work and avoid errors while modeling Truss systems and Trusses
with our tools.

  • Step 1: Create roof by selecting walls
  • Step 2: Set roof base offset





Set Up Configurations in Metal Framing Truss+ (5:57 min.)

This video explains
what configurations are available and necessary to set up before you start
modeling light gauge steel Trusses.

  • Step 1: Load Truss Types
  • Step 2: Truss Database Manager
  • Step 3: Truss System Configuration
  • Step 4: Truss Design Settings




How to Insert Truss Systems and Generate Light Gauge
Steel Trusses?
(4:35 min.)

This video explains how you can quickly insert truss
systems in different roof configurations and generate trusses on them.

  • Step 1: Insert truss system
  • Step 2: Generate Trusses





How to Insert Truss by Using Model Lines? (4:52 min.)

This video explains how to easily insert trusses
updated from the roof in the desired places in just a few clicks.

  • Step 1: Draw the model line in plan view
  • Step 2: Insert truss with 4 pitches by using model line
  • Step 3: Insert truss with parallel chords by using model line
  • Step 4: Insert monopitch truss by using model line





How to Copy, Auto Array, and Update Trusses from
the Roof?
(4:29 min.)

This video explains how you can multiply trusses and
fill gaps with them using intuitive auto copy command.

  • Step 1: Auto copy selected truss from system grid
  • Step 2: Auto copy
    two trusses – to insert trusses between two trusses updated to the roof shape
  • Step 3: Array truss in any direction with a desired step and number
  • Step 4: Frame two




How to Sort Trusses and Prepare Assembly Drawings? (6:43 min.)

This video explains
how you can sort your elements and easily prepare your truss drawings using Metal Framing Truss+ documentation

  • Step 1: Sort trusses, framing elements and calculate volumes and
  • Step 2: Create truss assembly drawings with automatic
    dimensions and schedules
  • Step 3: Set up drawing configurations
  • Step 4: Place views to the sheet, and use this sheet as a
    template for all the other truss drawings



In case you have any questions, please contact us support@agacad.com.

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