R-Heating Overview

Hydraulic System Auto-Creation and Balance

R-Heating automates Revit® hydronic system design, adds hydraulic balancing functionality, and solves family library problems. Smart load analysis, device distribution, and system connections – with 10.000 radiator types already embedded – can easily triple user’s productivity.

  • 10.000 radiator types with various manufacturers’ parameters
  • Automatic distribution of Mechanical Equipment throughout the project:
    • Revit family distribution in selected room or spaces
    • Revit family distribution under the windows
    • Revit family distribution above the doors
    • Insertion of Ceiling Based Revit families
    • Insertion of Face Based Revit families
  • Add accessories and pipes to connectors
  • Balance hydronic systems

Compatible with BIM software Autodesk® Revit®, Revit® MEP, Building Design Suite.
R-Heating solution is useful for companies that are working with heating and cooling system design.

R-Heating solution is useful for MEP engineers and designers as well as architects. Using this solution you will be able to design various types of hydraulic systems. While working with Autodesk Revit software and R-Heating application you will be able to design vertical, horizontal or manifold heating systems, or water based fan coil cooling systems. R-Heating could be widely used while distributing radiators, convectors, and electric equipment. This BIM solution has the ability to work with cooling equipment as well.

Automated pipe and accessory (balancing valves, shut-off valves, etc.) connection to heating/cooling equipment will save you a huge amount of time. R-Heating solution is also fitted for hydronic heating and cooling system balancing: it could help you balance the whole system using iteration method of calculation.

R-Heating software helps user work with hydronic systems from the very beginning till the end of the project. It includes all steps for designers – distribution of mechanical equipment, automated connection to the system and its balancing. R-Heating provides possibilities to work faster while distributing elements and connecting them into a system and to work with new balancing features that even Revit does not have. Using R-Heating solution you will be able to balance the hydronic system and get all the required values across it.

Ideal for:

MEP Engineers,
Heating / Cooling system designers

Possibility to distribute
and connect mechanical equipment into a hydronic system and balance it

Experienced Revit® users

Additional tools that Revit does not have

New Revit users

Easier access to heating
device family library and their automated connection into one system

Powerful features:


Easy and fast distribution of Mechanical Equipment

Automatic connection of pipes and accessories to

Large radiator database saves time significantly

Up to 3 times less time spent!

Adapted to user

System balancing feature that Revit does not have

Large radiator database saves time significantly



  • Smart Modeling. Uncomplicated load of radiators and easy creation of heating systems in your project.
  • Performance Increase. User-friendly tools and large radiator database significantly saves time because you don’t need to work manually in comparison to plain Revit.
  • Error Prevention. Automatic balance of heating systems allows you to avoid mistakes.
  • Saved settings for future projects allow you to re-create calculations to meet company standards.
  • Over 10.000 different radiators & Adaptation by Producer. Includes numerous radiator and valve articles from international manufacturers, such as Kermi, Arbonia, Purmo, and Danfoss.
  • Analysis. R-Heating analyses heating systems and automatically calculates pressure drop.

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