October 30, 2019

Wood Framing Wall & Roof 2020 now in Autodesk App Store

Wood Framing Wall and Wood Framing Roof for Revit (v. 2020) can now be found in the Autodesk App Store. You can download free trials of those BIM Solutions and our other Revit add-ons from either the App Store or via our TOOLS4BIM Dock.

By way of reminder, free tools (Smart Browser Free, Cut Opening Free, Smart Select) have no limitations — they’re completely yours to use.

Trial versions of our paid Revit plug-ins have no limitations for the duration of the two-week trial and include support during the trial period. That means our BIM application engineers are at your disposal to help you out and give a live demonstration. To get assistance, all you need to do is…

T4R Add-ons in Revit App Store