December 18, 2014

Switch from AGACAD Software SLM to NLM Licensing at Any Time

AGACAD offers both network and standalone license types of software licenses. Software with standalone licensing allows users to install the software on a single workstation (1 license = 1 computer) without the need to be connected to a company network.

Network licensing helps software user to ensure his/her own access to the right product at the right time, and it enables easy and efficient control of software use. Another customer’s benefit – the only fixed annual fee (valid for 12 months) is applied for a company but not per license.

Network license can be installed on as many computers as desired; however, at any one time, only the maximum number of computers, which is specified in the licenses, can run the software. The Network License Manager (NLM), installed on one or more servers, controls the distribution of particular product licenses to the users.

Based on our experience, AGACAD customers need to have the most effective licensing model to fit their operation rules. Therefore we improved the licensing models. Now AGACAD provides NLM Annual Service that enables current SLM licenses’ migration to NLM licenses and vice versa.

We have refused any quantity limitations and constraints. No matter how many SLM licenses customer would like to move to NLM: even one standalone license can be transformed and used as network. Annual network activation fee for NLM service grants possibility to transform any owned program to NLM and back to SLM without any constraints. If the NLM Annual Service will not be extended after a year then the license will change back to SLM. So now you can migrate from SLM (standalone) to NLM (network) and back easily!

Contact us if you want to get more info about our Revit add-ons’ network licensing.